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Malvani Masala Recipe

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Malvani Masala Recipe (Malvani Recipes)    

Recipe for Malvani Masala given here is for 2Kg Masala. You can use it for non-vegetarian as well as Vegetarian dishes. Properly preserved Masala could last up to a year.


1 Kg Dried Red Chillies
Half Kg Coriander Seeds
20 gram Cloves
50 gram black Peppercorns
100 gram Fennel Seeds
25 gram Cumin Seeds
25 gram Black Cumin Seeds
20 gram Black Brown Cardamom
50 gram Cinnamon
50 gram Stone flower
50 gram Nagkeshar
25 gram Black Mustard Seeds
25 gram Dried Turmeric Root
10 gram Star Anise
25 gram Whole Asafoetida Stones
2 Nutmegs


1. Break Nutmeg, Asafoetida and Turmeric Root into small pieces separately.
2. At very low heat, sauté all the other Ingredients individually in little oil in the pan excluding Nutmeg, Coriander Seeds and Chillies. 
3. Saute Coriander Seeds and then Chillies.
4. Mix all the ingredients and grind together to make fine powder to prepare Malvani Masala.
5. Let it cool down to room temperature, preserve in an air tight container to retain the freshness.

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